General rules

  • If you want to participate in any tournament, you have to register in our registration page, you can find it in Menu
  • In registration you have to write your PSN, XBOX Tag or Origin name.
  • After the registration, join our Discord community, you will receive invite in confirmation mail after the registration.


  • Your match you can arange in our Discord chat. Please be sure that you are writting in to the right room.

Tournament system:

  • Teams: 16
  • Groups: depends on count of participants
  • Every participant will play 1 match against other participants in each gropu.
  • Po základných skupinách nasleduje vyraďovacia fáza, v ktorej sa stretnú tímy ktoré skončili na prvých dvoch miestach v skupine.
  • In the play-off is BO2 system.
  • After the match is finished, you have to make photo of your screen with the result and send it to Discord.

How to start an online match 

  • Pre účasť je nutné vlastniť PS plus alebo nie je možné využívať multiplayer.
  • All participants have to follow rules of that page.


  • Defending: Tactical
  • Half lenght: 6 minutes
  • Controls: Any
  • Speed: Fast
  • Difficulty: Legendary
  • Rosters: Online
  • Rating: 90

Every participant of the tournament have to read completly rules before the start of every season !!!